Redefining Movement

216/17 Season - SG51

RAW Moves commemorates the beginning of the next 50 years in dance and movement in Singapore with SG 51, which features Singaporean artists near and far, guided by the company’s new vision in defining the characteristics of contemporary art practice that shape the future of our creative landscape.

We hope to relook, rethink and reconnect with some of these local artists in season 2016.

Research & Development (R&D) promotes creative investigation in a curated practice, with an emphasis on unveiling the creative process and methodologies through archiving and performance.

Sounding Body

by Dr Joyce Beetuan Koh (Singapore) and Movement Collaborator Ricky Sim (Singapore)


The guqin has a wide range of sonorities. Each finger technique produces a unique sonic character.

Imagine the dancer’s body becoming those expressive fingers that pluck and strum the strings: bright sounds, prolonged, scratchy… What new aural and visual synergies might happen?

Through an interactive system, the dancers learn to control the sounds. They have to find ways to express the sound character, eliciting a new vocabulary of movements.

Dancers no longer move to the music, but move the music through their movements.

Watch it here:


26 – 28 May 2016, 8pm

Goodman Arts Centre, Black Box

Run Another Way (RUN) is a movement clinic that functions as an unconventional work in an unusual theatre setting. It serves to create opportunities for the public to engage, participate and interact in the dance-making.

On Display

by Chiew Peishan (Singapore) in collaboration with Caleb Ming (Singapore)


On Display reflects upon what it means to be human. In particular, it explores an individual’s self-consciousness on the public level — the perception of how one is perceived in the eyes of others. It aims to bring forth an awareness of individuals’ differences in the tendency to direct attention toward the self.

On Display is an inquiry on the ‘performance’ of the body through the act of objectification. It is a ‘social event’ that provides a shared time and space for the performer and audience, where roles of the performer and audience are blurred to become interchangeable throughout the durational experience.

Explored through the mediums of photography and movement, On Display invites the audience to reflect upon the self in the eyes of one, amidst that of others.

Watch it here:


4&5 November 2016, 1-4pm and 7-10pm
6 November 2016, 1-4pm

Goodman Arts Centre, Multi-purpose Studios 1 & 2

RawGround provides the opportunity for creators to actively share conceptual ideas through a studio showcase. In offering an insight into each practitioner’s working methodology for their intended work, this set-up also acknowledges our belief that time is of essence in craft making. Through dialogue sessions with the audience, we aim to promote an effective setting for work-in-progress research.

RawGround: SG51

by Chiew Peishan, Wong Xin Ping, Melyn Chow, Jeryl Lee & Matthew Goh (Singapore)


In Loving Memory of Me by Chiew Peishan
In Loving Memory of Me is a pseudo-autobiographical performance that explores one’s mortality.

I am dying.

Inspired by Chong Tze Chien’s Poop!, the work inquires the potential for self-healing through the act of pre-planning one’s own funeral. Can funerals be meaningful for the dead, as much as they are for the living?

I am dying.

Unsteady by Wong Xin Ping
What is imagined,
is imagined.
What is real,
is real.
Can what is imagined
be real?

1:8 by Melyn Chow and Jeryl Lee
One in every Eight.
I see myself in this probability.
I see myself in that possibility.
One in every Eight.

A Swee Way to Fly… by Matthew Goh
T o T h e V a s t S k i e s I S e a r c h …

What is my Identity?
In the somewhere we belong.
Where is home truly?
When I can’t stand up no more.
This identity,
will it shape or weaken me?

I K e e p S e a r c h i n g …

Watch it here:


8-10 and 15-17 September 2016, 8pm


RAW Moves Studio

Repertory Platform (R.e.P) explores full-length works by established local and international choreographers, with the intent to inject current movement aesthetics into the local arts community, thereby raising the bar for artistry.


By Foo Yun Ying (Singapore) & Jo-anne Lee (New York/ Singapore)


BOUND by Jo-anne Lee (New York/ Singapore)
What happens when boundaries are crossed?
Does it lead to greater freedom or chaos?

BOUND is a movement exploration on the theme of boundaries and how they can restrict, confine and yet also define the body and space. Using elastic ropes in a series of challenging game-like scenarios, the dancers test their physical limits to see what happens when thresholds, both internal and external, are stretched.

Do boundaries set perimeters or parameters?

Act II – The Messy Middle by Foo Yun Ying (Singapore)
What does one go through in times of vulnerability, fear, struggle or insecurity?

Inspired by the work of Brené Brown, Act II – The Messy Middle is a collection of situations/ scenarios arising out of the independent stories of the performers, recounted through physicalizations of their thoughts, emotions and actions. Here, we are looking at the reckoning and/or rumbling stage of each story, simply put, the “middle” section.

Recognizing and acknowledging their stories in writing during the process, the performers were asked to face up and reckon with their emotions, thoughts and actions that took place in reality and had taken place in their imaginations (by this, I mean the times when we conjure up scenarios of what we think might happen, and how we think we or others might react). Through a series of question and answer, discussions, and trials, we close in on the individual and his/her vulnerabilities, the individual’s place within a group context, and how we can support one another despite various struggles.

Watch it here:


17 – 19 March 2016, 8pm

Goodman Arts Centre, Black Box