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Issue #20 – Juggling

Each month we reflect on the different ways in which the season’s theme apply to our own lives. We introduce this season with Balancing: The Movement of Consciousness. We delve into the ever-present juggling act – balancing the various hats we wear in life in this month’s issue. How many different roles do you play in your daily life? Do you see “wearing many hats” as a burden or an opportunity? In today’s fast-paced world, is it even possible to achieve true balance? Read on as we explore these questions and share some of our thoughts and experiences on navigating the daily juggling act.

The juggle struggle

Coleen Lee (Company Manager)

Does doing more equates to being better? Would you be a Jack of all trades and be a master of none? The quest of knowing what is “enough” and staying “guilt-free” in the process…it’s a never-ending one.

Photo By: Gabriel Meinert

Underrated Habits

Audrey Desmond (Social Media Manager)

Productivity hacks is one of my go-to for navigating life’s juggle, and this podcast episode threw a curveball, talking about finding your own “flow” with underrated habits. Instead of chasing the latest trends, it’s all about figuring out what truly makes you feel calm and capable. Maybe that’s the key to navigating life’s challenges with more ease and exploring what works for you.

Going with the Flow

Matthew Goh (Company Dancer)

Do I juggle my tasks? Or do my tasks juggle me?

Every day is unpredictable. Plans go off course, reality and expectations differ, and the weather is temperamental – just like my emotions. So how can I stay calm amidst the infinite responsibilities one has to fulfil?

I’ve been trying to practice the art of “wu wei” 無為 – a philosophy of Daoism. In English, it directly translates to non-doing or doing nothing. Although it may seem like a “lazy” approach, I interpret it as finding effortlessness – going with the flow and finding that flow within you.

“Get it done!” my mind usually says. However, now I try to observe how the task unfolds and complete it with gentle nudges.


Ricky Sim (Artistic Director)

Losing someone forever is undoubtedly one of the toughest moments in my life, and I’ve had to face it not once, but twice, within a span of just six months. Everyone says, “time will heal,” but I often wonder if that’s true. The days following the loss are incredibly difficult. There’s this immediate sense of emptiness, like a piece of me is missing.

I find myself continually masking my sadness, especially when it seems like their absence is here to stay. It’s an ongoing challenge, juggling my inner unrest with daily responsibilities. Outwardly, I try to appear composed, maintaining a facade of normalcy. But inwardly, I’m wrestling with a mix of emotions – grief, anger, confusion.

I grasp the concept that life and death are inevitable, yet embracing them proves difficult, particularly when confronted with consecutive losses. The emotional fluctuations persist as I cling to cherished memories of the departed. It’s a delicate equilibrium between recognising the sorrow and finding comfort amid the upheaval. The journey of healing is tough, with unexpected twists.

Reflecting on loss has taught me something important: vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but a recognition of our shared humanity. In moments of heartache, we’re reminded of life’s unpredictability and our capacity to adapt in tough times. Embracing loss isn’t about conceding; it’s a brave acknowledgment of life’s ever-changing landscape.

Illustration By: Dheeraj Nanduri

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