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Photo: Bernie Ng

Issue #21 – Centring

This month, RAW!nform invites you to explore the art of centring. Beyond just physical balance, centring cultivates a strong inner stability and a steadfast foundation amidst life’s ever-shifting demands. Imagine navigating chaos with balance, grace, and a profound connection to your authentic self. Read on to discover how this resonates with us.

Transforming Interactions

Ricky Sim (Artistic Director)

Have you noticed the current state of relationships and connections between people?

In today’s results-oriented world, relational centring offers a refreshing perspective by emphasising empathy, understanding, and genuine human connection. This approach shifts the focus from purely logical methods to valuing emotional intelligence. By integrating relational centring and exercising discernment in daily interactions, one can see a transformation in how they connect with others. This combination helps manage everyday challenges, address conflicts with clarity, and foster environments of mutual respect and trust.

Meaningful relationships are not just about achievements but about nurturing emotional bonds and building supportive communities.

Credit: Made in Heaven (Pinterest)

A contented mind

Coleen Lee (Company Manager)

For me, a contented mind is finding peace with what you have, centred around having enough and being enough. A concept understood by many but practiced by few.

When is enough, enough? Is it defined by how much you have or the things you own? Is it by the number of friends or the size of your house? Is it what you eat or the places you visit?

When is having a healthy body not as celebrated as having a slender, toned-up one or when having a contented life is considered as an underachiever? For someone who is laden with sickness, would having a healthy body then be enough? For someone who faces mental struggles, would a sound mind then be enough? But for someone who has both health and a sound mind, would they feel they have enough?

Everything is relative. 知足就该常乐, 常乐就因知足


Matthew Goh (Company Dancer)

At times, I find my centeredness by being off-centred. 

As the glasses fill, the conversations flow, making it a night of hearty 💕 conversations surrounded by laughs and excitement. 

It makes me wonder what other “off-centred activities” ground me. 

What are yours?

Finding Balance Through Centring

Dawn Lee (Marketing and Administrative Assistant Manager)

Life can sometimes throw us off balance, but the key lies in mastering the art of centring. Be it in the form of meditation, deep breathing exercises, dance or art appreciation (like this art collage by Anton Vierietin that evoked thoughts and emotions in me), centering techniques are vital in helping us find emotional and spiritual equilibrium. As you embark on your journey to centre yourself, you may discover more ways to prioritise mindfulness, and realign your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Contemporary art collage by: Anton Vierietin

Let go and be

Audrey Desmond (Social Media Manager)

As waking hours unfold, let your breath expand, 
A deep embrace within your lungs to hold. 

Welcome silence, let your body explore. 
Sit with discomfort, the feelings that may rise,
Life’s precious gift, the breath before your eyes.

Photo: Audrey Desmond

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