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Photo: Bernie Ng

Issue #19 – Peace

Each month we reflect on the different ways in which the season’s theme apply to our own lives. As this season comes to an end, we’re exploring the theme of Pacing – the movement of time for the last time this month. We thought about pacing and peace; How do we find peace in this fast-paced society? How do we make peace with the pace of something? Is peace that elusive? Here are some of our thoughts on what we do in search for peace.

The reward of discipline

Matthew Goh (Dancer)

Finding peace in a distraction-filled world takes effort, so sometimes a little “disciplinary action” does the trick.

Unpluq is an app blocker that restricts those “unproductive” interactions with my phone. Stopping me from scrolling for no apparent reason and making me feel awkward about how else I can spend my time.

Why put myself in such an uncomfortable situation? The aim is to simply be intentional with how I use my time. It’s an attempt to reclaim lost time and to fully experience it with the people I love and things I enjoy doing. Now, isn’t that peaceful?


Finding Inner Peace

Stephanie Loh (Admin & Outreach Manager)

Finding a pace we’re at peace with can be a challenge in our fast-paced world, but it’s essential for our physical and mental health. March issue’s theme of “Peace” reminds me of the significance and importance of cultivating inner peace. 

I often find myself drawn to hiking because of the peace it brings me. Here is a picture of my recent hike, do you know where this is?

Peace offerings

Shearerlyn Mok (Admin & Outreach Executive)

Eh you see my train
Nice right, you like? I give you
You friend me again 

This is an account of an ancient peace offering in local history HAHAH. As kids, peace offerings were much simpler; an eraser or a Pokémon card could appease and heal friendships. I guess a peace offering could be seen as an act that (re)sets the pace of a relationship. At what point do we decide that we are ready to reconcile? And how do we move forward as the relationship heals?

Photo by Ylanite Koppens

Looking Inward

Ricky Sim (Artistic Director)

a quote I resonated with recently… finding my inner peace

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