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Issue #18 – Healing

Each month we reflect on the different ways in which the season’s theme apply to our own lives. This season, we’re exploring the theme of Pacing – the movement of time. We thought about pacing and healing this month; Does time always heal? What do we do in our attempts to heal? There is unarguably no right path in healing, and here are some of our thoughts on what it means to us.

Life is like a rollercoaster

Stephanie Loh (Admin & Outreach Manager)

The process of healing is usually like a roller coaster ride. 

Some days you feel okay, some days you feel like you will not get past it. 

But as the saying goes, when you’re at the bottom, the only way is up!

Time heals all wounds?

Natasha Fawzi (Dancer)

Does time really heal? I am not sure because healing to me is when you have completely gotten over the experience. Can we completely get over every bad experience we’ve had? Maybe time can only heal certain wounds but that is okay because for those that cannot fully heal, at least time teaches us to accept these experiences and learn to live with them.

The ghosts of grief and healing

Shearerlyn Mok (Admin & Outreach Executive)

Night Divine by Samantha Hunt

“If I’m quiet, if I promise the universe up and down that I won’t tell anyone, I think I could unlock that door and Nanny would be there in her living room. “You want lunch, honey?” she’d would ask. “I’m making a sandwich for your dad.” 

This month’s topic of healing reminded me of this short story by writer Samantha Hunt about grief, healing, love, motherhood, and addiction. It also explores the ideas of belief and truth/reality. What are the lies we tell ourselves in our grief and in the process of healing?

Playlist for sleep

Matthew Goh (Dancer)

Times when I need to breathe,
I sit with these healing vibrations…

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