Redefining Movement

stutter murasaki penguin run another way
stutter murasaki penguin run another way

Stutter by Murasaki Penguin (Australia / Japan)

Stutter by
Murasaki Penguin (Australia / Japan)

Run Another Way (RUN) is a movement clinic that functions as an unconventional work in an unusual theatre setting. It serves to create opportunities for the public to engage, participate and interact in the dance-making.



“How has your internal ‘tempo’ changed over the past two years?”

Stutter examines how the pandemic has forced us to adapt to new and unexpected circumstances, resulting in the disruption of pacing within and between people. Consciously and unconsciously we have had to adjust our inner timings and rhythms to fit this uncertainty. As parts of the world stop and start, open up and lock down, the effects continue.

Murasaki Penguin

Anna Kuroda (Japan)

David Kirkpatrick (Australia)

Dr Nidya Shanthini Manokara

Date / Time

1 to 3 December 2022, 8pm


Goodman Arts Centre, Block O, Multi-purpose Studio 1 & 2

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