Redefining Movement

Issue #20 – Juggling

Losing someone forever is undoubtedly one of the toughest moments in my life, and I’ve had to face it not once, but twice, within a span of just six months.

Issue #18 – Healing

does time heal

Does time really heal? I am not sure because healing to me is when you have completely gotten over the experience. Can we completely get over every bad experience we’ve had?

Issue #17 – Memories

my own lost worlds

I recently came across American cartoonist Lynda Barry’s semi-autobiographical work One! Hundred! Demons! and I really like it. In 17 vignettes, she paints the ‘demons’ of her youth, one of them (Lost Worlds) addressing the lost memories of childhood.

Issue #16


Currently I feel as though I am at a slow but steady pace in my artistry. I have learned that personal desire and intentions cannot be forced. If you over think and put too much then that’s when burn out and loss of passion comes. I have learned that the hard way.

Issue #15

Interestingly, every time when it comes to planning for CNY visitation, as in whose home is next, a form of identification that my family uses is the food best associated with the home visiting.

Issue #14

does not get eliminated but instead gets a private lesson with the Master on honing his/her skills. Hence the title ‘School of Chocolate’. Such a positive teaching approach is a refreshing change in the world of cutthroat reality baking shows. And this teaching-learning direction actually sees contestants growing, supporting and helping each other complete their tasks, which is quite unheard of in other reality shows.

Issue #13

I usually celebrate Christmas with good food. After the season of fasting in Advent, finally being able to eat all sorts of food, like a good roasted chicken with root vegetables with the family after Christmas Mass. We have a Christmas tradition in my family of having a good meal together and giving each other presents. One of the gifts that we enjoy giving are Christmas crackers. I suggest getting the ones from L’Occitane en Provence and it makes a good secret santa gift or a gift to give friends and family.

Issue #12

As we all know, due to circumstances, we became more homebound than usual. As more and more people started growing plants at home, I jumped on the bandwagon too wanting to put my green thumb to use. Unfortunately, as I came to realise, I did not possess a green thumb at all! Every plant that I tried to grow from seeds and even Ikea-bought succulents died under my watch! After going through a few pots of dead plants…I had an “Aha” moment…..I went out to the nearest florist and bought myself a ready grown mint plant.

Issue #11

I chanced upon this book at my neighbourhood library while searching for resources for my 14 year old. Being the only “arts management” book on the shelf, I borrowed it without much thought. However once I started reading, things began to fall in place. The people who dreamed/envisioned/created policies and places during the period that Singapore’s art scene was touted to be the “Renaissance City” actually had a direct impact on me.